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'BrabantStad: a strong international competitive and sustainably growing city network’

BrabantStad is an administrative network for the 5 largest Brabant municipalities (Breda, Eindhoven, Helmond, 's-Hertogenbosch, Tilburg) and the Province of North Brabant. Collaborating is in our blood. We work closely with other authority bodies, as well as with education institutions and the business sector. BrabantStad is quite informal in nature. It is not an extra administrative layer with its own ruling power, as each city, as well as the province, retains its own autonomy. What we do is smart collaboration based on equality, because together, we can achieve much more than we ever could alone. This is exactly why BrabantStad is investing in organising commitment. BrabantStad initiates, stimulates, connects and collaborates. A dynamic that benefits all of Brabant.


The daily administration is managed by the BrabantStad Steering Group, consisting of one Deputy and five Aldermen. Together, they are responsible for the realisation and implementation of the BrabantStad Task and Lobby Agendas, whilst ensuring collaboration within the network. The King’s Commissioner and the Mayors of the five cities act as ambassadors for BrabantStad. They are foremost responsible when it comes to public affairs and a joint lobby towards Europe and the Dutch Government. They draw on their network power to advance the projects of BrabantStad’s Task and Lobby Agendas. This network consists of Brabant’s Corporate Community, Scientific and Social institutions, amongst others. The BrabantStad Programme Bureau co-ordinates and facilitates this collaboration, and is headed up by a Programme Manager. The Bureau conducts the Steering Group secretariat, is responsible for communication in the network, concerns itself with public affairs and organises regular administrative meetings, such as for example, the BrabantStad-Tuesday.

Within the aforementioned five cities and the Province of North Brabant, a BrabantStad Official Co-ordination Group is responsible for the administrative co-ordination; they support the Programme Manager by carrying out the BrabantStad Task and Lobby Agendas, and, as a group, protect the collective interests of BrabantStad. 


A network cannot exist without meetings. This is why, four times a year, so-called BrabantStad-Tuesdays take place. On these days, the five municipal committees of Mayors and Aldermen along with the Provincial Executives come together in various administrative consultative bodies, such as for example, a BrabantStad Steering Group administrative progress meeting, or for administrative consultations within the most important municipal and provincial wallets, like Economic Affairs, Accessibility, Culture, Spatial Planning Policies and Sustainability. Additionally, we also organise inspiration sessions on these days, which allow opportunities for discussions regarding issues from a broad and integral perspective.

BrabantStad Task Agenda

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There are a number of innovative, proven projects on the Task Agenda.  

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Attractive Brabant

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Increase attractivityHigh standard of living.

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Better Accessible Brabant


Optimal connections and smart connectivity. 

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Competitive Brabant


sustainable e.a. woorden


Sustainability, knowledge, education & the labour market.

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