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The art of collaboration

BrabantStad is the name given to the administrative network between the cities: Breda, Eindhoven, Helmond, ’s-Hertogenbosch and Tilburg and the Province of North Brabant. The motto: ‘Together we are stronger’: is the foundation of our collaboration. BrabantStad strives to maintain its position in the top 5 European knowledge and innovation regions, and aims to strengthen the collective force and international competitive power of Brabant. Our results benefit all of Brabant.


BrabantStad is working towards a more Attractive, Better Accessibile and Competitive Brabant, known as the 'ABC of BrabantStad'. The BrabantStad Steering Group subsequently added on the 'D' for 'Doing'. In BrabantStad, proven innovations are upscaled and rolled-out by means of the BrabantStad Task Agenda. Additionally, we are also working on creating a joint Lobby agenda for BrabantStad.

At the core of the collaboration within BrabantStad, lies a strategic agenda according to four development goals:

  1. Economic strengthening through knowledge, innovation and valorisation
  2. Increase international allure
  3. Promote (international) accessibility
  4. Enhance spatial structure

These goals are managed by the BrabantStad Task Agenda

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BrabantStad Task Agenda

 3 Work in progress

There are a number of innovative, proven projects on the Task Agenda.  

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Attractive Brabant

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Increase attractivityHigh standard of living.

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Better Accessible Brabant


Optimal connections and smart connectivity. 

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Competitive Brabant


sustainable e.a. woorden


Sustainability, knowledge, education & the labour market.

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