BrabantStad Task Agenda

BrabantStad Task Agenda

Recently, the BrabantStad-partners added the necessary fortification and concretion to the BrabantStad Strategic Agenda. A related Task Agenda, in which innovative proven projects are implemented according to innovative procedures, is already a reality. The BrabantStad-partners have been actively working on these projects since mid-April 2015.


Inspired by the Mayors of BrabantStad, and under the direction of the King’s Commissioner for the Province of North Brabant, BrabantKennis wrote an essay about the future of BrabantStad: The Latest Notebook #01 – BrabantStad, which describes the setting in motion of an upwards growth towards metropolis formation as being the greatest challenge for BrabantStad. The tracks along which the development of BrabantStad to a Metropolis region should take place, are described as ‘ABC’: Attractive, Better Accessible and Competitive BrabantStad. They are a tightening of the goals laid down in the BrabantStad Strategic Agenda. These goals called for a focussed, joint effort and clear choices: the BrabantStad Task Agenda.

BrabantStad Task Agenda

In the Task Agenda, a ‘D’ has been added to the ‘ABC’ for Doing! There are a number of innovative, proven projects on the Task Agenda, and BrabantStad is dedicated to the upscaling and rolling-out of these innovations, whereby the complementarity and connectivity between the cities is achieved and mass can be created. Using the power of collaboration, we are expressly working on strengthening the (international) location climate for both the residents, as well as the businesses in Brabant. The Task Agenda is not static, but has rather a rolling agenda, with projects to which at least three of the BrabantStad-partners have committed themselves. The agenda consists of a number of ‘Do’ and ‘Explore’ projects, which, piece-by-piece, contribute to the Attractiveness, Better Accessibility and Competitive Power of Brabant.

Increasing attractivity: high standard of living

Improving accessibility: optimally linked and smart connectivity

Strengthening competitive power: sustainability, knowledge, education & the labour market


  • The South-line Project: integral cultural programming of Railway Zones: The railway zones form the heart of urban rejuvenation, in which Art and Culture play an important role.
  • The WoonConnect/Spark Project: Inhabitants, knowledge institutions, local governments and businesses work together to enable energy-efficient living and construction.
  • The Smart Mobility Project: Innovative transport systems for better fuel economy, reducing emissions and improved traffic flow.
  • The E-Bus transport Project Introducing electric and hydrogen-powered busses to the public transport (OV) network in support of the sustainability and competitive power of Brabant.
  • The (Sporting) Events Project: Organising Social and economic spin-offs from sporting events, thanks to the improved co-ordination between the cities.
  • The New OV-agenda Project: Improving connectivity between the cities of Brabant and European economic core regions.
  • The Fast Lanes Project: Improving transport connections between the cities and their rural surroundings with more environmentally-friendly alternatives for drivers.
  • The Natural Connections Project: Connecting Brabant’s ecological goals with the spatial/economic goals of each of the cities.
  • The Labour Market Project SVE: Working together for a better transition between Secondary Vocational Education and Brabant’s labour market.
  • The Campuses Project: Entrepreneurs, education and knowledge institutions collaborate to achieve a stronger relationship and mutual connections.

BrabantStad Task Agenda

 3 Work in progress

There are a number of innovative, proven projects on the Task Agenda.  

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Attractive Brabant

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Increase attractivityHigh standard of living.

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Better Accessible Brabant


Optimal connections and smart connectivity. 

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Competitive Brabant


sustainable e.a. woorden


Sustainability, knowledge, education & the labour market.

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