Competitive Brabant

Competitive Brabant

STRENGTHENING COMPETITIVE POWER: sustainability, knowledge, education & the labour market

In a fast changing world where technology is booming and irreversible transitions have already been set in motion, the majority of competitive regions are those which have a strong focus on knowledge and innovation, partly due to the realisation that this combination also stimulates sustainability.


Technological developments are increasingly influencing the functioning of our cities and our region as a whole. By smartly using technology and (open) data, our cities will not only be more sustainable, but also more appealing, healthier, safer and more social for its inhabitants, business community and visitors (smart cities / smart region). By creating an excellent (International) business climate, BrabantStad will be better placed to recruit workers from near or far, and retain its talented (technical) labour force.

The move towards a learning economy

With regards to BrabantStad, there is an indication to make better use of the existing Universities, and Colleges for Higher learning, their campuses and other research institutions in Brabant. How can we strengthen the far-reaching integration of Brabant’s knowledge infrastructure with its knowledge connectivity?

Bolstering relations between education and the labour market

The diverse range of education and research institutions in Brabant need to meet the demand from the business sector in our region. One point of interest in this case, is the flexibility of the types of education on offer, especially since the contemporary labour market is hard to predict. Strengthening relations between the education and labour sectors is necessary from a social aspect for the inhabitants of Brabant, both young and old. It is, after all, mainly through labour force participation that they will be able to connect, and keep up with, our rapidly changing society.

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For more information, read the ‘BrabantStad Task Agenda: strengthening the collective and network force', or contact the BrabantStad Programme Bureau, telephone +31 (0)73 680 83 10, or e-mail us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Competitive Brabant


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Sustainability, knowledge, education & the labour market.

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